ERP Advisory services


Investing in a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, whether acquiring a new one as a replacement or upgrading the version from your current software vendor, is a “significant event” – both in terms of effort and money. And both should be spent after proper due diligence. Even though companies realize that investing in projects like ERP are likely to benefit them in the long term, they are hesitant because of the pain and chaos involved.

Investing in new application software presents a tough decision for many companies because the cost vs. benefit analysis often includes many gray areas, and the stories of failed implementations are highly publicized.

We will help you to select and implement an ERP package that contributes most to your business objectives. Your organization’s application portfolio now includes more and more standard packages (‘out-of-the-box’), and it is not easy to choose a standard package and then work out the best way to use it. Deloitte approach to ERP package selection is vendor neutral, the products will be shortlisted based on key business dirvers and strategic priorities of the organization.

We believes that no major software implementation is really about the software. It’s about change management. If you go in with an attitude that there’s not going to be resistance and pain, then you are going to be disappointed. We can assist you in ERP project by:

  • Understanding the business imperative for a system change and defining a vision for what the organization aims to achieve through the selection and implementation of a new information system and developing a roadmap for ERP readiness
  • Selecting the most appropriate ERP System
  • Decide on Cloud vs. Onpremise option

Project Management service

  • Managing and monitoring ERP implementation, so that it is in line with organization’s vision and expectations. Deloitte shall deliver value by providing
  • An unbiased view of the project implementation status
  • Ensure that any risks associated with the project are timely identified and mitigated
  • Ensure that the system implementation is completed within the agreed time, budget and scope.

Augment internal team

  • Provide support to internal team while reviewing solution provided by implementation partner
  • Help during test scenario definition
  • Articulate reporting requirement that meet your business needs
  • Our S4HANA experts (with CA, CMA background and indepth industry experience) will closely work with your internal finance team

Post implementation service

  • Post implementation business process review
  • Identify process gap and provide solutions
  • Suggest process improvements with more automated controls

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