How to Fix SAP Fiori Issues?

Fiori Trouble shooting steps based on my experience

 Most issues related to Cache, refer following steps to resolve cache related issues:
1) Invalidate client caches using program : /UI2/INVALIDATE_CLIENT_CACHES
2) Clear browser cache
3) Clear Gateway server cache : SPRO: SAP Netweaver > Gateway > OData Channel > Administration >Cache Settings > Metadata > Clear Cache (select all or for selected Model identifier)
Check Fiori Launchpad Intent Resolution Analyzer (Program: /UI2/FLIA )
For Fiori Content check -FLC (Program: /UI2/FLC )
Fiori launchpad designer (FLPD) also have some consistency check but compared to FLC it has fewer capabilities
For detailed step by step guide on Fiori application link with user role and Catalog refer 

Refer S4HANA Fiori Application trouble shooting guide  (Copyright SAP AG) it provide most common errors and its suggested solutions.